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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Superman Lover

Time to get down with the funk again. While Johnny "Guitar" Watson made his name recording blues, he was no stranger to soul and funk. In fact, he was a pretty big name in both genres and helped shape the arts. I mean, they do not call you the "Godfather of Funk" for nothing.

This time around we are going to cover one of Watson's first Funk hits and by far my favorite of all his works. "Superman Lover" defined what we today view as the classic funk sound. Funny part is that this song was not released until long after he had already established himself on a variety of other genres. Somehow it still managed to have a large impact.

Apart from a seriously funkified "Superman Lover", Watson had a number of top hits. "Gangster of Love" for one, is a legendary track that you might think belongs to the Steve Miller Band. In actuality, Johnny Watson was the mastermind behind it.

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