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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bill Withers - Use Me

It is time to bring back Bill Withers. We kicked things off a couple of months back with "Lovely Day", but this time around we are going to go on a slightly different path. At first glance "Use Me" might not come off as a jingle jam. I mean, Bill doesn't go on about wanting to "Spread the news that it feels this good getting used, oh and you just keep on using me until you use me up" for nothing. And hey in the end "It ain't too bad the way you're using me, cause I sure am using you to do the things you do."

Of course, you are all familiar with Bill Withers "Lean On Me" which is easily one of the greatest songs ever written. It ain't a jingle jam, more something you sing with boys . . . and I don't wanna jingle my boys.

Listen Now: Bill Withers - Use Me
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smokey Robinson - Virgin Man

It has been a while since we got down with some Smokey Robinson. I suppose "Cruisin'" was the last stop. This time we are going to go in a funkier direction. "Virgin Man" opens the door to a side of Smokey that you did not get to see all that often. If the title did not give it away:

"How come people say a lady virgin that's OK
But when the conversation turns around
Virgin Man they always put him down
People say he must be funny
He ain't had a taste of honey"

"Poolboy" will be paying credit to Smokey Robinson when it is released. We used some snippets of "Virgin Man" to create the sound. Stay tuned for updates!

Listen Now: Smokey Robinson - Virgin Man
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Smokey Robinson - Virgin Man Lyrics

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Superman Lover

Time to get down with the funk again. While Johnny "Guitar" Watson made his name recording blues, he was no stranger to soul and funk. In fact, he was a pretty big name in both genres and helped shape the arts. I mean, they do not call you the "Godfather of Funk" for nothing.

This time around we are going to cover one of Watson's first Funk hits and by far my favorite of all his works. "Superman Lover" defined what we today view as the classic funk sound. Funny part is that this song was not released until long after he had already established himself on a variety of other genres. Somehow it still managed to have a large impact.

Apart from a seriously funkified "Superman Lover", Watson had a number of top hits. "Gangster of Love" for one, is a legendary track that you might think belongs to the Steve Miller Band. In actuality, Johnny Watson was the mastermind behind it.

Listen Now: Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Superman Lover
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Superman Lover Download
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Superman Lover Lyrics

Monday, March 28, 2011

Robin Thicke - Lost Without You

Robin Thicke puts the white man on the map when it comes to soul and R&B. Think of him as the white running back of the R&B world, if you will. Apart from being a successful producer, Thicke also has an influential career of his own. He has recorded four albums in his own right. His fifth album is scheduled to be released later this year. His impact was truly felt when he released The Evolution of Robin Thicke in 2006. This album featured his biggest hit single in "Lost Without You."

Today we will cover "Lost Without You" - an acoustic ballad performed entirely in falsetto. Even though he recorded and released the song back in 2006, it did not receive much radio play until a few years after the fact. While Thicke did not gain an immediate following, his presence in the industry was felt. As a composer and songwriter, he has been featured by a number of artists, including Pharrell, Lil Wayne and Usher.

After the success of The Evolution of Robin Thicke came Something Else, which was in fact a better album from cover to cover than anything he had done before. The feature single "Magic" was only one of many hits on the album. Along with it came one of my favorites: "Sweetest Love." Off of his latest album, "Sex Therapy" is worth a listen.

Listen Now: Robin Thicke - Lost Without You
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Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin'

Raphael Saadiq just released a new single and I figured you guys might want to check it out. Stone Rollin falls in line with the rest of his work, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Listen Now: Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin'
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry on Their Own

Say what you will about Amy Winehouse and her sex, drug and alcohol problems, but it is hard to deny her talent. And hey, I got to say its kind of sexy . . . just a little bit. Aside from an image that molded the way for the likes of artists like Lady Gaga, Duffy and Adele, Amy Winehouse has one of the most unique voices I have heard in a long time. Mark Ronson does quite a bit of the writing behind the scenes, making for a killer duo with Winehouse.

You might be well acquainted with her hit single "Rehab", but today we are going to dig a bit deeper and get into some of her other music. Don't get me wrong, most men would dream of being able to hit some of the notes she hits in that, but it just ain't gonna cut it for Jingle Jams. Instead, let us look to "Tears Dry on Their Own." Using a sample of Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Winehouse truly kills it on this track.

If you really want to get down with my girl Amy, then check out the entire Back to Black album, it is strong from cover to cover. Name a song on that album and I like it. Everything from "Back to Black" to "Me & Mr. Jones" to "Love is a Losing Game."

Listen Now: Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry on Their Own
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)

Even though this is nearly the opposite of a jingle jam, I thought it was too hard to pass up. When I first heard Adele - Rolling in the Deep, I was already mesmerized. She has a killer gospel sound and her voice fits the part perfectly. You cannot go wrong with the original, but what is to come only makes it that much better.

Here we are two days later and John Legend drops an epic cover of an already fantastic song. There is not one instrument on this track, but somehow it still manages sends chills down your spine. Goes to show how powerful a little bit of harmony in a mens acapella style can be. This truly sounds like a gospel church hymn and it is safe to say that Legend takes this song to the next level.

By the way, if you do not have your tickets to go see John Legend and Sade this Summer, go out and get them ASAP. Currently tickets to shows on 8/25 and 8/27 at the HP Pavillion and Oracle Arena are selling for around $50.

Listen Now: John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)
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John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover) Lyrics

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

D'Angelo - Brown Sugar

I know we have been covering a lot of contemporary music lately, but D'Angelo cannot go unrecognized this far into it. While he has not recorded too many albums as of late, his presence in the emergence of neo-soul was felt.

With just two albums under his belt with another one the way, it is hard to get to deep into his work, but that is not to say that D'Angelo has not been active in the industry. He has shown his face on tracks by Common and Raphael Saadiq and is scheduled to release his third album this year. Along with some of the songs that he is featured in, I encourage you to check out his version of Smokey Robinson's - Cruisin'.

Here is a link to D'Angelo's version of Cruisin'.

Today, we are going to stick with D'Angelo's debut album and first major single. Brown Sugar was the first song I heard by D'Angelo and to this day remains my favorite piece of work by him. It is a song for the ages and definitely helped spark the neo-soul revolution.

Listen Now: D'Angelo - Brown Sugar
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love

Barry White might be the only man on earth who can provoke an orgasm with the spoken word. With that in mind, it is only right to start things off with the godfather of baby-making music. My all-time favorite White song, Can't Get Enough of Your Love, says it all before it even begins. Barry gives it to you and leaves you wanting more after each and every chorus. If you can't get enough of Barry White, no worries, he will definitely make another appearance on Jingle Jams. Listen Now: Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love.

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Frank Sinatra - Come Dance With Me

Having just returned from a trip to New York, it is only right to feature the king of New York. Frank Sinatra is the face of swing music and the infamous Rat Pack. Joined by the likes of Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. The trio covered just about every song that came their way. To say the least, Sinatra and the gang were not exactly known as songwriters.

Instead, Sinatra thrived as a vocalist. Turning out world famous tracks such as "New York, New York" and "I've Got You Under My Skin" as well as "My Funny Valentine." All songs for the ages. Today however, we stick with "Come Dance With Me" to give you a little taste of Sinatra. The rest will surely follow.

Listen Now: Frank Sinatra - Come Dance With Me 
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Frank Sinatra - Come Dance With Me Lyrics

Friday, March 11, 2011

George McCrae - Rock Your Baby

After watching Soul Train on demand last night, I could not help myself to put up some more disco. One of my all-time favorites, George McCrae's "Rock Your Baby" definitely makes me want to put on my boogie shoes. Speaking of boogie shoes, this song was originally written by K.C. & The Sunshine Band but was made famous by McCrae. It first appeared on Soul Train (The black people TRL of the 1970s) in 1974. Bell-bottoms and shirts with flare were the latest craze when "Rock Your Baby" came onto the scene. Now, imagine what kind of dance moves were popular at that time.

Without further ado, let us get down with that sweet disco sound.

Listen Now: George McCrae - Rock Your Baby
George McCrae - Rock Your Baby Download
George McCrae - Rock Your Baby Lyrics

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go

We have done a pretty good job of covering a good chunk of the solo female artists, but we have yet to touch upon the great singing groups. What better place to start than with Diana Ross & The Supremes. These ladies are bad in the best sense of the word. Along with The Marvelettes, whom you will hear plenty from in the near future, The Supremes were the epitome of the doo-wop female soul sound.

In fact, the song that we feature today, "Where Did Our Love Go," was originally intended for The Marvelettes, but in turn was given to The Supremes to record. Immediately after they recorded this single, they came out with what would eventually become their most popular song. "Baby Love" became the sound that you associated with Diana Ross and female soul as a whole in that era. I strongly suggest that you let yourself get knee deep in both The Marvelettes and The Supremes.

If you have yet to see Dreamgirls, take the time to educate yourself on a vital part of soul music history. It is loosely based on the story behind Diana Ross & The Supremes and is a great depiction of the group, the era and what was to come after the groups success.

Listen Now: Diana Ross & The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go
Diana Ross & The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go Download
Diana Ross & The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go Lyrics

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off the Lights

While Teddy Pendergrass started his career as more of a psychedelic/disco artist, he moved into a slow ballad style, showing off his wide range. He pioneered the style that was made so famous by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Barry White and Al Green. It was not long before it became the face of R&B music.

His hit songs "Love TKO" and "Turn Off the Lights" birthed his career as a ballad singer in the R&B world. Today, we are featuring "Turn Off the Lights" and you need not do anything more than look over the lyrics once to understand where Pendergrass is going with this. Hot oils and candlelight . . .

Listen Now: Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off the Lights
Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off the Lights Download
Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off the Lights Lyrics


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anthony Hamilton - Can't Let Go

And for the other half that I promised you. Here is "Can't Let Go" by Anthony Hamilton.

Listen Now: Anthony Hamilton - Can't Let Go
Anthony Hamilton - Can't Let Go Download
Anthony Hamilton - Can't Let Go Lyrics

Anthony Hamilton - Charlene

Keeping up with the contemporary artists, Anthony Hamilton released his first single back in 2003. While he has done quite a few singles since, including "Charlene" and "Can't Let Go", he has only released one album. However, he has done quite a bit of work behind the scenes in the Hip-Hop and R&B world. His cover of "Tired of Being Alone" as a tribute to Al Green's career was fitting to his voice and style. He has also had featured vocals on a number of classic tracks, including Tupac's "Thugz Mansion" and the Nappy Root's "Po Folks." So, while the man has not been keeping up with his solo career, he is still on the scene and it will not be long before his next album.

For the time being, I am going to give you my two favorite tracks by him. "Charlene" and "Can't Let Go" are up there as two of my favorite contemporary R&B tracks and for good reason. Hamilton has one of the best voices among the younger generation of R&B singers and he knows how to tell a story. Here is "Charlene" for starters:

Listen Now: Anthony Hamilton - Charlene
Anthony Hamilton - Charlene Download
Anthony Hamilton - Charlene Lyrics

Monday, March 7, 2011

Curtis Mayfield - Who's That Lady

While the Isley Brother's made it famous, Curtis Mayfield actually wrote this song back when he was a part of the 1960s soul group: The Impressions.  Mayfield and the Impressions had a pretty big impact on the Isley Brothers sound and soul music as a whole. After a long career with The Impressions, which included tracks like "It's all right", "Gypsy Woman" and "People Get Ready", Curtis Mayfield went on to pursue an impressive career of his own. With a sound that is unmistakably his own, Mayfield created one of the best film soundtracks of all-time for the movie Superfly. With tracks like "Superfly", "Move On Up" and "Pusherman" being the most prestigious on the album, Mayfield set himself apart. There was no holding back, to say the least.

I suggest that you all go out and get a copy of the Superfly soundtrack as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy the Isley Brother's rendition of one of Mayfield's legendary hits: "Who's That Lady."

Listen Now: Isley Brother's - Who's That Lady
Isley Brother's - Who's That Lady Download
Isley Brother's - Who's That Lady Lyrics

Friday, March 4, 2011

Raphael Saadiq - Staying In Love

Did I say I was done? Raphael Saadiq is still blasting through my headphones. "Staying In Love" is funky as hell and god damn does it make me wanna get down. Again, I am going to skip the words and let the music do the talking, because I am in no mood, but hey that is why I am blessing you with the legendary work of Saadiq.

Listen Now: Raphael Saadiq - Staying In Love

Raphael Saadiq - Love That girl

I kind of had to put up another Saadiq song. I cannot stop listening to his latest album: "The Way I See It." Here is another one off of it, "Love That Girl." If the rest of the album was not so good, I would have this song on repeat, no doubt about it.

I am also unable to think clearly right now, so I would rather write as little as possible.

Listen Now: Raphael Saadiq - Love That Girl
Raphael Saadiq - Love That Girl Download
Raphael Saadiq - Love That Girl Lyrics

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raphael Saadiq - Let's Take a Walk

Raphael Saadiq joins the ranks of Anthony Hamilton, John Legend and Robin Thicke as one of the few contemporary R&B artists who still does it right. Of course, the art is quickly coming back with the emergence of other artists, such as Mayer Hawthorne. I am not trying to downplay the likes of artists like Usher, Alicia Keys and Jill Scott. They just do not have a traditional Motown sound.

Saadiq's latest album "The Way I See It" really captures a unique bluesy/Motown sound that is all its own. It is headlined by tracks like "Love That Girl" and "100 Yard Dash." My favorite track on the album though is definitely "Let's Take a Walk." It is pretty easy to figure out why:

"This place is crowded
Don't know about you
I need some sex
Some sex with you
Cause your on my mind
I can feel your sweat
Your body's wet
And I need some help
Girl you know what we need to do
Girl, let's take a walk"

Lord knows that we have all been there, done that. Saadiq just delivers the magic not only in this song, but on the entire album. I suggest that you all go out and get it. Remember, its called "The Way I See It"

Listen Now: Raphael Saadiq - Let's Take a Walk
Raphael Saadiq - Let's Take a Walk
Raphael Saadiq - Let's Take a Walk Lyrics

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Manhattans - Kiss & Say Goodbye

If for nothing more than the spoken introduction, "Kiss & Say Goodbye" is a classic. Everybody knows, that just like all great movies have a slow motion scene, all great songs have a spoken word entrance. Along with this track, "Shining Star" became a top hit, but The Manhattans had a short-lived stint at the top. They cycled through singers for years, many of which went on to pursue some pretty epic careers elsewhere.

While you might not want to bust this track out in the midst of your jingling, it is one hell of a way to send your lady on her way. I mean, if you are going to say goodbye, why not do it to the smooth sound of the Manhattans.

Listen Now: The Manhattans - Kiss & Say Goodbye
The Manhattans - Kiss & Say Goodbye Download
The Manhattans - Kiss & Say Goodbye Lyrics

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay

Sly Boogie represents San Francisco with some psychedelic funk. The guy prides himself on being a singer, songwriter and producer. Sometimes all of that makes us forget that the guy could play just about any instrument that he wanted to. He is a freak to say the least. Sly & The Family Stone were pioneers in changing the way black music was viewed. They were influenced by a number of different sounds, including that of James brown, and in turn they took funk to the next level and defined a new era of music. If you ever wonder where "slap bass" sound comes from, you best believe that Sly & The Family Stone were among the first to incorporate it. Their sound impacted the style of many of the best, including Parliament Funkadelic, The Temptations and even Michael Jackson.

Sly & The Family Stone had some range to say the least. You might be most familiar with tracks like "Dance to the Music" and "Everyday People", but today we feature "If You Want Me to Stay" which is a great depiction of their style and work.

Listen Now: Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay
Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay Download
Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay Lyrics