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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay

In honor of Bob Dylan having just turned 70, I thought it was only fitting to start posting more than just soul music. I know I have had glimpses of other genres here and there, but hopefully it will become a more regular thing. I have been meaning to add a little bit of variety anyways, so here it is.

While I am not a huge Rolling Stone fan (the magazine) anymore, they did have a pretty sweet tribute to Dylan for his 70th. They picked out his top 70 songs of all-time to compile a pretty interesting list. Atop of the list of course was "Like a Rolling Stone" and as you went down, you had the chance to come across the likes of "Hurricane" and "All Along the Watchtower." Finally, you get to Lenny Kravitz addition to the list with "Lay Lady Lay."

"Lay Lady Lay" is written in the style of the ballad and is really the furthest thing from what you see as classic Dylan. In any case, it is a great song, especially for the bedside stereo.

Listen Now: Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay
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Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay Lyrics

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