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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Master Class - Love Quest

Since I have been taking this site in a number of different directions lately, I figure that this is a great time to breach the subject of instrumentals. My man Colin Jones over at Stills sent this over to me the other day. It is hard to classify Master Class under any genre, but that is the evolution that I am going for with Jingle Jams.

Since I opened my inbox this morning and found "Love Quest" sitting there, I have come across a couple of other gems from Master Class. The horn-heavy instrumentals are coupled with original drum kits, making for a unique sound. While I am sure that most of you are familiar with "Gain" - a widely sampled instrumental bit. Master Class goes beyond a few good songs. I for one will be digging a little bit deeper with the little bit of time I have left this morning. For now, enjoy the gem that Colin sent my way and do not forget to take a look at "Gain" as well.

Listen Now: Master Class - Love Quest
Master Class - Love Quest Download

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