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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Usher - You Got It Bad

I have a hard time believing that Usher will ever match what he did back in the early 2000s. I mean, it is pretty difficult to make a comparable follow-up to Confessions, which is one of the best contemporary R&B albums I have ever heard. As much as I love that album though, we are going to pull some stuff from the pre-confessions era. We are going to go back to 8701, which features some of my personal favorites. Included in that list is "You Remind Me."

We are going to save "You Remind Me" for another day though and instead are going to go with "You Got It Bad" because you really cannot go wrong with that. Like I said, I love Usher from the early 2000s and 8701 still gets some play time from me.

I actually thought Raymond vs. Raymond was a solid album and the biggest reason for it being so different than his previous work is simply because of the evolution of R&B. On the bright side, Usher is still doing it and doing it big at that. While I would love to hear him bring out another autotuneless R&B album, I doubt that it will happen.

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