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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bill Withers - I Wish You Well

I think we are all familiar with Bill Withers. Not only did I open up the blog with "Lovely Day", but I then came back with "Use Me" a little bit later. Be sure to go back to those and read up on the man of the hour.

Today, I am happy bring to you, "I Wish You Well." Lately this has been my favorite Bill Withers song. Nothing like driving around town and blasting this song with the windows down in the Caddy . . . ok, jingling to it might be a bit better. Anyways, not much more to say about Bill, enjoy and don't overplay it, if that is possible.

Listen Now: Bill Withers - I Wish You Well
Bill Withers - I Wish You Well Download
Bill Withers - I Wish You Well Lyrics

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  1. Hey. It's Ben from London. Massive Bill fan. For some reason I hadn't played him for a few years. So having a bit of a session alone with him tonight! So beautiful. Forgotten what a legend he his...